Elena Cognasso Labrousse
Managing Director

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CLE originated from the vision to develop ethical business strategies and procedures to create a performing, safer, and healthier work environment. Its aim is to support the organisational development of companies’ internal and external resources on the basis of constructive communication and mutual respect.

CLE is an international company, which aims at offering a trustworthy and serious partnership by managing your different projects and proposing business relationships based on both mutual respect and confidence.

The key to any successful company does not solely lie in its effective business transactions but also significantly in the quality of its products and its employees’ performance. CLE's objective is to raise the management’s awareness and to offer support to reach an excellent standard of performance by introducing a Total Quality Management procedure.

Thanks to its vast knowledge and experience on the international markets CLE is capable of analysing and detecting the core needs of small and medium size companies, both from a commercial and a financial point of view, and is able to develop strategic and commercial partnerships with external stakeholders, as well as regional, national and international companies, to guarantee the success of your company.

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